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Cathy Doll

Rose Me Cleansing Cushion


A new dimension of skin cleansing with this white rose cleansing cushion that comes with fine texture in the shape of 3D rose. It offers a softer touch than other whip foam or mousse and is infused with the world-famous Bulgaria rose. This cushion purifies the skin as well as slowing melanin production, which is the main cause of dullness. Japanese rose water is gentle to the skin, it nourishes and firms while diminishing redness. Grape seed oil contains antioxidants to help reduce wrinkles, conditions skin for a dewy appearance and a boost radiance after first application.

How to use:
Wash your hands and shake the bottle before pressing the buttons on the side to release the whipped texture. With your fingers, take the cushion and apply all over your face for. Then, rinse off with clean water.

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