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Cathy Doll

White Milk Shine Peeling Body Scrub 320ml


This peeling body scrub contains milk protein and pineberries. Has a lovely gel texture and is deeply moisturizing. Promotes cell renewal, gently removes dead skin, and results in brighter, smoother skin! Use before showering. For best results, use twice a week.

The gel texture is full with moisture that helps to remove inactive skin cells and stimulate the skin cell renewal at the same time while reducing wrinkles and dullness after application.

Milk Protein : Rich in minerals and various vitamins to smoothen rough skin for a moisturized appearance while delivering a naturally brighter skin like never before.

White Strawberry Extract : Help to smoothen skin while brightening skin for a radiant pink skin. It is also rich in Vitamin B3 and Coenzyme Q10 that help to anti-oxidize and nourish skin for a youthful and healthy appearance.

Glutathione : Help to prevent the production of melanin, the cause of blemishes, freckles, dullness and dark spots. Leave the skin with a naturally bright and healthy appearance more than ever before.

Arbutin : The natural extract that helps to prevent the production of melanin while leaving the skin free from dullness, to gain a natural bright appearance.


How to use:
Use White Milk Shine Peeling Body Scrub right before showering. Use twice a week.

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