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What to Know Before Getting a Facial

Ana S

Posted on June 14 2017

What to Know Before Getting a Facial

By Ana Melissa Sanchez


        Having a spa night at home usually doesn’t get too intense and thorough. But a professional facial, on the other hand, can get deep into the pores. You don’t want to experience burning or extreme discomfort, so here’s what to do and what not to do before a facial.

        First and foremost, you want to be sure your esthetician is certified and has a medical degree and you always want to be early to your appointment. (If it’s your first time I recommend you get a basic facial.) Arriving early will allow you time to fill out your intake form, let your skin concerns be known, let them know if you have any allergies, and to speak to your esthetician and communicate what you want. Come with an open mind! The esthetician is a professional and they will recommend ways to better care for your skin. Also: Come in early so your facial isn’t cut short or rushed because of an appointment after you.

         You definitely want to know what you’re recently using on your skin. Take a list if necessary. If you have a specific problem it could be that you’re using the wrong products, and the professionals will guide you in a direction that will make your skin happy.

         It’s ok to have makeup on! I personally sometimes worry about giving people more work. But it’s ok! It’s part of their job and they’re pros at removing makeup. And you may need to wear makeup to work, or that morning or whatever the situation may be.

         Along with the makeup, feel free to wear your normal clothes. Most spas will have a robe for you to change into. So don’t worry about clothes being impractical.

         If you’re on any medication that thins your skin, please let your esthetician know. If you’re taking Accutane for example, getting a facial done probably isn’t the best idea. You don’t want to do major damage, so canceling your appointment would be wise in that situation.

         It’s absolutely understandable that you may want to be shaved and groomed when you meet your esthetician, however, you shouldn’t shave or wax 3 days before your appointment. By shaving or waxing, your skin will be more sensitive and susceptible to having an uncomfortable burning feeling. (It could even encourage an acne breakout.)

         Along with shaving, you absolutely DON’T want to exfoliate on your own before your appointment. You want to be gentle with your skin.

         Don’t suntan before your appointment. If you’re sunburned you probably don’t want someone poking at your skin anyway. Please wait until your skin is in a much healthier state before going on ahead and having a facial.

        And lastly, I really want to stress the importance of communicating with your esthetician. You’re giving them your time and your money, so really let them know what your skin concerns are, find out if your goal is achievable, what will be done on the day of your facial, and what they would recommend you do daily. Also, let them know if anything hurts or if you don’t feel something enough (like the message for example).


 Have a great time and good luck!



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