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What is K-Beauty?

Ana S

Posted on May 03 2017



What is K-Beauty?

By Ana Melissa Sanchez


        “K-Beauty” refers to skincare from South Korea. These innovative products have been steadily making their way into Western countries and gaining popularity and influence these past years. You tend to see younger people in the West, infatuated with Korean idols, K-dramas, and Kpop, being some of the first to indulge their curiosity for these skincare products which will not only bring them closer to being like their idols but change their skincare regime entirely.

        Koreans are very focused on skin health and hydration and strive to have a perfect, even complexion. Unlike the West that is very accepting of a glowy tan, Koreans see the sun as the threat that it is -- a dangerous ray that will burn, devour, and wrinkle your skin permanently. Careful to look their best at all times, it’s not surprising to see Koreans with a skincare regimen that requires 10+ products. And with such an incredible demand, K-Beauty companies have to do their best raise the bar and stand out and be innovative, not just with ingredients, but branding and packaging as well.

        Sheet masks, snail mucin, bee venom, collagen, horse oil, cushion compacts, and sleep packs? K-Beauty has it all! The more different and beneficial a product is the better. The ingredients and stand-out aesthetics of K-Beauty notably set it apart. And the wonderfully crazy names are another reason why we love these products! Chilli Bomb Anti-Stretch Mark Intense Cream and the Miss Gorrilla Easy Hair Removal Set to name a few.

        If you’re K-Beauty curious and would like to dip your foot in the water, K-Beauty S.O.S. would like to recommend Cathy Doll products. These products are a great starting point. Put these on your shopping list:


White Tofu Mask

This tofu mask gently sloughs off dead skin cells, firms, moisturizes and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Say hello to bright, lively, supple skin! Gentle and for all skin types.


Ready 2 White Bubble Mousse Cleanser

This cute cleanser dissolves the toughest, waterproof makeup! Built-in gentle exfoliator cuts down on cleansing time. Grapefruit and white grape extracts contain antioxidants and vitamin C that nourish and brighten the skin.



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