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How to Treat Sunburned Skin

Ana S

Posted on August 18 2017

How to Treat Sunburned Skin

By Ana Melissa Sanchez

        The last thing we want while it’s nice, summery, and warm is to get sunburned! There’s nothing cute about hurting and being as red as a lobster. (And yes, you can get sunburned even if you did apply sunscreen.) Here’s how to prevent sunburns and how to treat sunburns!

        You could simply have a problem of not applying enough sunscreen and/or not reapplying sunscreen. Sunscreen only protects you so much and for so long. Be sure to keep track of the time and reapply to fully protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.

        If you’re sunburned, it’s just a fact that you’re going to peel and it’s going to be uncomfortable. You definitely don’t want to peel your skin. Simply apply aloe vera and lotions that are highly moisturizing and let your body do it’s thing and heal. Aloe naturally reduces inflammation and stimulates the repair of skin and growth of new skin, so it’s definitely one of your best friends in this situation!

        You can also take a bath and add a cup of apple cider vinegar. This will balance the pH balance of your skin and encourage healing. Some people even like taking milk baths because they feel the lactic acid helps. Even consider taking a green tea or black tea bath.

        Most people experience itching, but please resist the temptation to scratch. And don’t use any chemical peels or scrubs. You would only make the situation worse and prolong the time it’ll take for you to heal. If the itchiness if really too much, I would highly recommend taking an oatmeal bath.

        And of course, the answer to most things: water. Your skin is incredibly dry and dehydrated when it’s sunburned, so you want to keep yourself hydrated at all times. And if it’s especially difficult to move and all you feel is pain, definitely consider taking ibuprofen to reduce inflammation.

        Good luck out there, girls! Remember to wear SPF on the daily!


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