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Get the Perfect Pout!

Ana S

Posted on June 07 2017


Get the Perfect Pout!

By Ana Melissa Sanchez


        I sometimes give myself a great makeup look and need to complete it with a lip color. And all too often I don’t prepare my lips ahead of time. (Ugh!) When I have dry, chapped lips, my lip color isn’t properly showcased and it doesn’t look great at all.

        If you want a flawless pout, I recommend you prep at night (but you can do this in the morning too). The first step is exfoliation. You’ve probably already heard of gently scrubbing your lips with a toothbrush, but doesn’t it feel awkward? I personally don’t like this method. Sure it works, but I prefer a lip scrub. You can even make your own at home with honey and sugar!

        Gently scrub your lips with a lip scrub and rinse off (or if it’s made of honey and sugar you can lick it off). Next, apply a lip balm. Do your makeup as usual and once it comes to the lips, gently wipe off the lip balm and apply lip pencil and lipstick as usual.

        To prepare to have hydrated lips, in the long run, remember to drink enough water each day. And you also want to be sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need -- to eat healthily! Try to always have lip balm on your lips since the sun and wind can easily dry out your lips. Be as proactive as you can be.



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