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Charcoal for Skincare

Ana S

Posted on July 13 2017

Charcoal for Skincare

By Ana Melissa Sanchez


        Charcoal is currently a hot, trendy ingredient! It can be found in cleansers, face masks, blackhead peeling strips, and there’s even charcoal toothpaste. But what exactly is it and what does it do? Could I hypothetically buy a bag of charcoal at my local supermarket and use this on my skin?

        Charcoal, first and foremost, is made from cooking wood in a low oxygen environment. With that said, what’s used is in skincare is activated charcoal. In order for it to be ‘activated’, the charcoal goes through a process to become more porous.

        What makes activated charcoal so appealing is that it’s very absorbent. It’s actually been used in hospitals for poisonings and overdoses. When used in skincare, It can absorb the oils on your skin, draw bacteria and dirt--resulting in smoother, less acne prone skin. Because the oils and dirt will be absorbed from your pores they will seem smaller as well. Charcoal can easily be over drying, so try to limit the use of charcoal products to once or twice a week.



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