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Cathy Doll 2-in-1 Sleeping Serum Mask 70g

2-in-1 Snail Honey Ginseng With Gold Sleeping Serum Mask will tighten and balance your skin overnight. Rich in nutrients to nourish the skin and restore elasticity. Contains snail mucin, honey serum, ginseng extract, and pure gold to remove blemishes, tighten skin, and prevent signs of aging. You'll wake up to beautiful, bright skin!

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Recent innovations! A new dimension of facial cleansing with Cleansing White Rose 3-dimensional whitening. Smoothes skin, whipped foam and mousse. Deeply cleanses the skin with the extracts of the finest Bulgarian rose. World famous roses Skin appears radiant.

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Baby Bright Tomato & Gluta Eye Mask

Revive tired eyes and prevent wrinkles! Tomato & Gluta Eye Mask is rich in lycopene and antioxidants and is designed in a C shape that fits perfectly under your eyes. We recommend refrigerating before use for a unique and refreshing experience.

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Baby Bright Jeju Volcano 2-in-1 Cleansing & Mud Mask 50g

This product is a combination of a facial mask and a cleansing foam. Includes volcanic mud from Jeju Island in Korea, which contains natural minerals which absorb dirt, oil, and help exfoliate the skin. Deeply cleansing, nourishing, pore reducing, moisturizing, and oil controlling.

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